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The Watson Multi-Ranger-9 mobile whip eliminates the need to buy a seperate antenna for every band as it covers 80m-40m-20m-15m-10m-6m-2m-70cm plus AM airband both transmit and receive. The antenna band switching is easily acheived by using the supplied fly wander lead. Helical winding is employed on a fibre glass whip and the whole unit is weather protected. Construction is excellent (uses Japanese assembly technology) and the item breaks down into two sections. Base fitting is PL-259 so mounting is no problem at all. Adjustable top whip resonator & band switching jump lead included.

Frequency Range: 3.75MHz(80M) / 7.15MHz(40M) / 14.2MHz(20M) / 21.2MHz(15M) / 29MHz(10M) / 51MHz(6M) / 145MHz(2M) / 435MHz(70cm) / 118-137MHz Airband
Polarization: Vertical
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Power Capacity: 120 Watts
Connector: UHF Male (PL-259)
Length: 1.9m Max
Weight: 1kg

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