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SKU SP-200
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The SP-200 protects coax feedlines from surges exceeding 230V, such as caused by nearby lightning strikes and static build-up.  The SP-200 employs a gas-discharge tube that arcs-over when 230VDC is exceeded between the RF center pin and shield connections.
• Two SO-239 coax connectors
• 50 ohm characteristic impedance
• Ring terminal for ground connection
• DC - 1,500 MHz operation
• VSWR less than 1.1:1
• Insertion Loss < 0.1 dB
• 200W maximum power capacity
• Max 1000V surge (1x 40 μS duration)
• Max 6000A surge (1x 40 μS duration)
• DC resistance 10,000 Megohm

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