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New switch mode power supply in the Nevada range, this PSW-30H is rated at 30 amps max, and will run most of your shack equipment with ease. Has a very handy 10 amp cigar plug type outlet socket, large clear analogue meter showing Volts/Amps (selectable via front panel rocker switch), and a useful noise offset rotary control too ! 

Output 13.8 Volt
Capacity  up to 30 Amps
Analogue Meter Shows V/A
Handy 10amp Cigar Socket 
Noise offset tune feature

Specifications :

Input voltage : 230v  AC
Output voltage : 13.8v DC
Output voltage regulation : less than 2%
Protection : short circuit, automatic current limiting within 30A
Output current : 30A (max), 20A (continuous)
Ripple : less  than 80mVp-p at rated load
Fuse : 5A
Meter : single current/voltage meter, back lit
Dimensions : 150 x 70 x 220 WHL mm
Weight : 1.5kg

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