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The Watson Super Hunter covers a superwide 10Hz to 3GHz. It has a clear 10-digit LCD readout, a 16-segment bargraph signal meter and low battery indicator. Built-in internal Ni-Cads operate up to 6 hours and are rechargeable through the external charger. Extra facilities include H-Z low range, beeper, filter preventing display of random noise and a light switch.
Supplied complete with Ni-Cads, charger and seven segment telescopic whip.

Impedance 50 Ohms
LCD readout
10- digit display
16-segment bargraph
Hi/Lo impedance
50/1M Ohms
BNC Whip Antenna
Black anodised case
Internal Ni-Cads
6 hours operation
AC charger
9V DC 300mA
Size 68 x 100 x 31mm
Weight 250g

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