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One of the most advanced frequency counters for its price that we have ever seen. For this is not just an ordinary counter, it will actually tune a receiver to the frequency it is locked onto. And all this happens in a fraction of a second.

To achieve this you will need the appropriate Icom or AOR receiver plus a short lead to connect the two together. There are many uses for this, not the least of which is in a service department for a quick check on transceiver operation and audio quality. Listeners will find the fast reaction time a boon when trying to monitor local transmissions where the frequency is unknown.

10MHz - 3GHz
7 Digit LCD Display
Auto Tunes Icom CI-V or AOR Receivers
6-hour Battery Life
Random Noise Filter
HOLD Button
High Speed 300MHz direct Counter
1 PPM stability at room temperature
16 Segment Field Strength Bargraph
Low Battery indicator
External power 9V DC
Internal Ni-Cad pack
Measures frequency and period
Comes with lead to interface with IC-R10

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